We believe that it is important to ensure that you obtain the best possible performance from our products, and our highly qualified technical staff will work with you toward this goal.

About Us

Additives Plus is a specialty chemical company that develops, manufactures, and markets performance products for a broad range of industries. Utilizing a strong technical base and unique chemical approaches, Additives Plus. has developed families of leading edge products including antifreeze additive packages, heat transfer fluid additive packages and environmentally friendly heavy-duty industrial cleaning products.

Our initial commercial products were additive packages developed for use with reclaimed and side stream glycols for the manufacturing of automotive and heavy-duty diesel antifreezes meeting ASTM specifications. Since the introduction of these unique products in 1995, Additives Plus has added additive packages for virgin-glycol-based products in both the antifreeze and heat transfer fluid markets. This product group remains its largest single business area, and the focus of a major portion of its research and development efforts.

Additives Plus prides itself on its technical capabilities, which enable it to develop unique and superior products as it demonstrated in 1998 with the introduction of a series of non-hazardous, people/environment friendly heavy-duty industrial cleaning products. These cost-effective, water-based products contain no hazardous ingredients, but perform as well as or better than the historical industry standard products which contain hazardous ingredients such as caustics, glycol ethers, terpenes and solvents.

Extending the range of its heat-transfer fluid additive packages for glycol-based products, which are typically limited to maximum operating ranges of 250F to 300F, Additives Plus offers a family of non-glycol-based finished heat transfer fluids which can operate as high as 650F. These alkylate-based and diphenylene-oxide-based products find uses in refineries, pulp and paper processing, plastics molding, chemical processing, and other markets.

Additives Plus manufacturing facilities are located in Denver, CO; Pueblo, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX; Hermitage, PA, and Erie, PA. Additives Plus operates a sophisticated laboratory in Hammond, IN, to conduct research and development of new products. All of its manufacturing locations are ISO 9002 certified.

High Quality Products and Services

Additives Plus’ involvement in the glycol blending and additive package (Add Pak) industry began with the successful formulation of Add Paks that made it possible to blend high-quality antifreeze from most streams of recycled glycol. Our continuing commitment of resources to designing and producing the highest quality Add Paks for virgin and recycled glycol sets us apart in the industry and continues to set the standard for all of our product lines. The depth and breadth of Additives Plus’ skill and experience in chemical research and development, performance testing, raw material procurement, process design and development, manufacturing, quality control and distribution, enable us to optimize the overall performance and economy of the products we supply to our customers. The correct use of our products, in conjunction with properly prepared glycol, recycled glycol streams, and recycled antifreeze, will produce solutions meeting the appropriate ASTM Standards.

Product Guarantee and Competitive Pricing

Additives Plus guarantees the competitive, flexible and cost-effective pricing of our products. By offering convenient container-size options, ranging from cases of 4/1 gallons, pails, drums, totes to full bulk-tanker loads, we will make every effort to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Additives Plus stands behind all of its products providing all usage instructions and outlined procedures are specifically followed. We will not warranty the Add Paks if the depleted antifreeze that is being recycled contains impurities that do not allow the recycled antifreeze to meet minimum ASTM standards. It is always necessary to confirm that your product meets the required specifications using the ASTM recognized tests and standards.


Additives Plus maintains its own laboratory and pilot plant, for developing its cutting edge new technologies and product.  Improving product performance, shelf life and the dependability of our products, while ensuring their compatibility with specific machinery, the temperature and the corrosion inhibition in a system, and the economics of use when we develop an Add Pak, or complete fluid system is paramount.

All of our products are mixed with deionized water, exclusively, which eliminates a source of potentially corrosive mineral salts. The benefits of blending and packaging our products in our own plants, under the attentive and direct supervision of our own technical experts, include consistently high-quality, extremely competitive pricing as well as ready availability of all of our products.

Additives Plus' experienced chemists and engineers will assist you with system troubleshooting that may be necessary to help you optimize the use of our products. The experience level of our Staff is unsurpassed in the industry.  We assist our customers with quality control, process control, problem solving, troubleshooting and product development. We believe that it is important to ensure that you obtain the best possible performance from our products, and our highly qualified technical staff will work with you towards this goal.

Additives Plus places a high priority on understanding and meeting our customers’ individual needs. We offer only the highest quality products at cost effective pricing, meeting your needs.